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Social Media – Facebook

Social Media – Facebook

Nowadays, Social Media enable us to take advantage of the interaction of their users. The most popular social network is still Facebook, the subject of today’s post.

The structure and design of Facebook is based on “likes” what is called the “triggering event”.

What do we mean by that?

Every user’s like is spread among his friends. It appears in the newsfeed of his friends, like all other posts. Statistical data show, that a lot of (even more than 90%) his friends will be intrigued to see what his friend liked and probably make a new like. Their friends will be notified too and so on. It is obvious that as the post spreads, the expansion rates will be lower, but before this happens, the post would have reached or exceed share-ability targets. An interesting post in you fan page in Facebook could be spread virally and it will create awareness for your company.

Your Fan Page in Facebook shouldn’t be just…a page!!

Your fan page should be designed in the same professionalism, as your company’s website, and your company’s internet presence. Your logo should be placed in the space provided in order to appear in every post you make. A short and to the point description of your activities should also be included. Creating an excellently designed website, you will be able to exploit to the full extend the recognition and awareness that Facebook offers. You should keep in mind, that you want to create a fan page in Facebook in order to introduce to your potential customers, your area of expertise. That is why, you should give to Facebook users easy access to your website.

In a later post we will discuss about Facebook applications that we, in, design and develop in order to increase traffic, publicity and spread-ability of Facebook fan page. If you are ready to invest on Social Media, is here for you! Do not hesitate to request a quote or to contact us for any questions you might have.