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Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletter Campaigns

A crucial section of internet marketing is the direct communication with your clients via their favourite media of communication (internet).

One way to achieve this communication is the creation of an E-mail Marketing campaign, in other words a fully targeted newsletter pointed at a specific target group of subscribers, promoting a specific group of products or services that fit exactly the targeted audiences.


The idea of newsletters offers the desirable results but their design process must be dealt with extreme cautiousness and their forwarding process even more so.

E-mail marketing, in general, keeps your brand in-mind with product alerts, corporate news, event notifications and more. These resources will leave an indelible impression in your audience’s minds.

Always have in-mind that you need to stay fresh in the minds of your target audiences.

newsl understands the basic rules and observes them. Interesting newsletters call for knowledge and design as well as cautiousness in proper forwarding procedure.

The consumers need to be informed about what is in the market but they easily resent if the newsletters are not satisfying. As a result, these newsletters are deleted and even referred to as unwanted.

We use the latest technologies in e-mail delivery to ensure optimal inbox penetration. Want to know how readers actually behave when they receive your e-mail?

We can do that too with the use of some of the best analytics data available. Intros newsletter software can tell you who opened your e-mail, what links they clicked and where they’re located so you can establish follow-up actions to increase potential prospect counts.

In detail our newsletter software provides:

  • Overview of the campaign
    • Recipients
    • Successfully Sent
    • Opened This Campaign
    • Clicked A Link
    • Unsubscribed
    • Forwarded
    • Updated
    • Bounced
  • Message
  • Opens
  • Links
  • Forwards
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscriptions
  • Updates
  • Social Sharing

Ifyou’re ready to start E-mail Marketing for you, do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your newsletter campaign or to contact us for any questions you may have on the subject.