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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is the process of keeping your Website up-to-date which includes content editing, revising or changing existing web pages.
Periodic addition of new web pages is also part of Website maintenance services.

Website Maintenance encompasses all the activities needed to guarantee the operational integrity of a Website.
Indeed, whenever these activities do not occur, the results can be embarrassingly visible. The rules by which search engines list sites change constantly.
Without updating and taking account of these new rules, a Website can easily get "buried" in search engine listings.

Most Website Maintenance job includes at least the following:

  • Content editing and update.
  • Manipulating web pages.
  • Shopping cart Product changes and additions.
  • Updates to calendar or events.
  • Website modification and addition of website content (photos, graphics, graphs and charts).
  • Rectify common problems such as Broken links, Missing images, Unanswered feedback, Badly spelled text, Missing page titles etc.