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Website Testing

Website Testing

A final process in every project we deliver is a Full testing Plan.
It is a crucial process which involves a series of actions to be done in order to determine and fix any possible errors.

While testing any of our web projects, we will consider following:

  • Functionality Testing
    • Links
      • Internal Links
      • External Links
      • Mail Links
      • Broken Links
    • Forms
      • Field validation
      • Error message for wrong input
      • Optional and Mandatory fields
    • Database
      • Testing will be done on the database integrity.
    • Performance Testing
      • Performance testing can be applied to understand the web site’s scalability, or to benchmark the performance in the environment of third party products such as servers and middleware.
    • Usability Testing
      • Ease of learning
      • Navigation
      • Subjective user satisfaction
      • General appearance
  • Server Side Interface
    • This is done by verify that communication is done properly. Compatibility of server with software, hardware, network and database will be tested.
  • Client Side Compatibility
    • The client side compatibility is also tested in various platforms, using various browsers etc.

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