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Social Media – Facebook (cont.)

Social Media – Facebook (cont.)

We have already discus in previous post, how the creation of a fan page in Facebook, can introduce to your potential customers, your area of expertise. It is obvious that the design of your fan page in Facebook, should give the opportunity to potential customers to visit your website in the easiest way possible.

We have also analyzed, how Facebook fan page, can increase traffic, publicity and spread-ability of your company. In a future post, we will discuss about Facebook applications, that we design and develop in, in order to reach even grater target groups.

At this point, we should discuss the “other side of Facebook” , the negative one.

Keep in mind that “Facebook is double sided coin!!”

On one side, you can get all the benefits that we have already discuss but on the other side, the same rate of publicity stands for any negative or even offensive comments. Since negative comment, usually, have more impact on company’s reputation, you should be aware that someone has to handle all negative comments in short-time.  

And don’t forget!!

The way a company handles bad publicity (Risk Management) reflects the quality of the company.

From what we have already discussed, makes it clear, that dealing with your fan page in Facebook is a full time job. Whenever you feel ready to invest on Social Media, do not hesitate to request a quote or contact us for any questions raised. 

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