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Newsletter – Layout design and content

Newsletter – Layout design and content

Nowadays, more and more companies are using email marketing campaigns as their primary tool to their internet marketing strategies.

Email marketing campaign is nothing more than the delivery of a company’s newsletter to a number of recipients.

It is a way, as we have already said, to keep your company in the minds of your customers.

A properly designed newsletter is of the essence. It should make clear, at glance, the company who sends it. The company details should be stated as well, There must be also a link to company’s website, in order to facilitate the recipients, your potential customers, to visit the website easily, and take action i.e. to purchase your goods or services.

Here you will find some tips in order to make your newsletter more attractive to your potential customers.

The content of your newsletter should be relevant to your business. Company news, arrivals of new products, business expansion, as well as events in which your company participates or plans, are some of the topic that a newsletter might have.

An other way to make a newsletter more attractive, is to include any “rewards”. Such a “reward”, could be a free product that the customer will get in case he puts an order to your e-shop, or a discount coupon for immediate use. You may come up with other ideas. Think of whatever would create interest to users to visit your website.

Using such practices to your newsletters, you train your subscribers to wait for your newsletter, even if they will not use the benefit that you are giving them immediately.

Needless to mention once again that the alpha and omega of your business is credibility and professionalism.

A well designed newsletter containing interesting information and benefits to its subscribers, originated by a non reliable company can have negative results.

For a successful email marketing campaign, the application used for the delivery of newsletter is important as well.

Today we said few things on content of newsletter. In a future post we will discuss, about the importance of use of your own mailing lists, and on what feedback you should get from the application used for the delivery of newsletters, in order to help you improve your campaign.’s experience in designing and mailing newsletters through its own mailing service application, can guarantee the outcome you are looking for. If you are ready to start your own email marketing campaign do not hesitate to ask for a quote or to contact us for any questions raised.