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Change in Google’s ranking criteria

Change in Google’s ranking criteria

It is widely known that Google search results are based on ranking of websites.

It is also known that the criteria Google uses to rank the websites are changing from time to time due to the change of users’ behaviour and differentiation of their search requests.

The last few years, the use of mobile devices is expanding. Mobile phone is a necessity and tablets tend to replace desktop and laptop computers.

, taking into account this tendency, decided to change ranking criteria of websites as of 21st of April 2015.

The new and important ranking signal would be the mobile friendliness of the websites. In other words, all websites designed and developed according to Responsive Design Techniques, or websites with a mobile version available will be highly ranked and they will get a tag as “mobile friendly” websites. The result for non responsive websites, will be the poor ranking or even the exclusion from results. This will affect the traffic on such websites. Users always prefer to visit a website, where no setting adjustments are necessary, in order to see the content of the website.

In, we always apply the Responsive Design principles in every website that we are designing and developing. If your website is not “mobile friendly”, request for your quote for the redesign and redevelopment of it. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.