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E-Shop – Administration

E-Shop – Administration

In previous post, we analyzed the part of the e-shop that your customers visit whenever they sign in your website. Today, we will discuss about the administrative part of e-shops.

It is highly important, the administration of e-shop to be managed by staff with little computer and internet experience. Developers should set up the e-shop in a way that no major damage can be made due to lack of experience.

It is equally important, the administrator to have an overview of the e-shop in one single page. Basic information that can be included in the overview is, number of orders, income, VAT collected, as well as information about the latest orders (the stage that they are, such as delivered, completed e.t.c.). There must be real time information about products, such as available, out of stock, categories e.t.c.

Statistical data is also essential.

In order to have easy access and management of data, menus should be designed with each option leading to a set of relevant data. An indicative categorization could be, order administration, product administration, customers administration and website administration (content, company news customer’s comments). Through these options the administrator can have the an overall image of the e-shop and a better control of it.

Using order administration menu, the administrator can check at any time the status of each order (in processing, completed). He can also have statistical reports of any time period he likes, for income, favourite products, best customers e.t.c.

Through product administration, the administrator can create categories of products, adds or removes products, sets the various search filters e.t.c.

Using customer administration, he can check the customers of the e-shop, their personal data, their orders e.t.c.

Finally there must be a website administration option, in order for the administrator to publish company news, articles of interest, and to manage the customers’ comments for both products and the company itself.

All the above features of the e-shop, are the minimum requirements for the easy and proper administration. There are other “goodies” that can be added to your e-shop according to your needs, such as promotional campaigns, newsletter campaigns, issue of gift cheques and many many more.

Our, long lasting, involvement with the web stores (which you can see in our portfolio) has provided us with valuable experience, thus we are able to offer a well designed and fully functional online store, with easy management by anyone, even beginners to the use of internet. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your own online store or contact us for any questions you may have. We are always at your disposal and please be informed that, we answer any email or telephone call, we receive.