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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a display marketing strategy that involves marketing strategies using mobile devices or moving vehicles such as those used in road shows or moving billboards. Moving billboards and road shows are used in traditional marketing campaigns. While there are still those that take on this route, the more modern and effective approach is done using mobile devices. Mobile devices such as laptops, PDA phones and smart phones are the tools used in effective mobile marketing.

Thus, for businesses to take advantage of this innovative marketing strategy, we provide mobile marketing through two main disciplines.

Mobile Marketing through SMS
This is the most popular mobile marketing strategy. This is because many people are using mobile phones and most mobile phones are capable of short message services.
Thus, sending those SMS enables your marketing messages, offers and recommendations direct access to people.
It is of course more beneficial if you target your messages to a specific channel, those that are within your core target market.

This can be done by identifying the mobile models they use; the access numbers in their mobile phone that may refer to the area or location of the subscriber or based on the plan that they are subscribed to.

By targeting your marketing campaigns through SMS, your communication may not be branded as spam. Likewise, opt in services or marketing campaigns that involves registering to a certain program will enable you to avoid the spam feel of your marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing through MMS
Multimedia message service or MMS is a more exciting mobile marketing campaign. It involves messages with picture or video in colored format. You have better chances of exciting customers towards your brand and your business.

Mobile marketing is effective especially if you make it easy for potential customers to take advantage of your offer. Making your contact details and your shopping cart clickable helps make sure customers will be able to perform your most desired action easily.

If you are in business and you want more customers complimenting your internet marketing strategies with mobile marketing is sure to help improve the bottom line of your business.

We plan, implement and monitor your mobile marketing
efforts so that you will reap the benefits of this innovative marketing campaign.

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