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E-shop Design and Development for

E-shop Design and Development for

Piperoriza needed a new and improved web shop to be more effective in selling the entire range of  its products.

Some important new features (like integration with Facebook) were added to achieve more web traffic and boost sales.

The website is a major sales vehicle for the company, so this project is highly critical to the company’s overall success. has delivered a new Joomla! 2.5-based high-performance reliable solution. team has not only migrated the existing functionality to the new technology platform but delivered a completely new solution.

The new solution has an intuitive easy-to-use gui allowing the visitors to thoroughly study piperoriza line of products, view more details about each one and contact the responsible department of company if they have any questions. The way this online catalogue has been built helps the client to transform it in a complete e-commerce at anytime and in a short time.

In addition the new solution features a powerful admin tool allowing to manage product catalogues, user accounts, and orders, implement a flexible discount strategy.

Last but not least was the creation of a Facebook Fan page in order for this digital project to have presence on a major social network achieving huge spread ability.

In, we believe that a well designed and developed website is a powerful tool, which guaranties the growth of the company using the power of Internet. Check the numerous projects that we have carried out or check testimonials of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us or to request a quote for your own idea.