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Web Development for

In 2011, JTI company has decided to reward its customers, who are none other than the sellers of tobacco products. Wunderman Athens undertook the campaign design. Part of this campaign was the design of a website, in order to provide a loyalty software to JTI company. The site was accessible only by JTI's customers, using codes provided by JTI itself. undertook the implementation of this website which included all the information requested by the company, such as sales per customer, the points corresponding to the sales, gifts available according to points, and many more. In the website, there were four levels of authorised access according to the authorization given by the company. Each user had access only to the part of the website dedicated to his authorization level. Full report was available to any level in EXCEL format for easier data management.

For the development of the website, was based on Joomla, and created custom components as well.

The end product was a fully custom Loyalty software for JTI!

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