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Website design & Web development for Kindergarten for Parents(

Website design  & Web development for Kindergarten for Parents(

Having seen our work for, the manager of Kindergarten for Parents (, Mr. Kostis Spyrou, approached, looking for a replacement for their website.

Kindergarten for Parents (, a newspaper source that serves to help parents understand crucial subjects upon their kids, came to looking for a top Web design - web development shop to build their new website.The existing site was functional but, the design was old-fashioned and their requirements had changed over time and could no longer be handled efficiently by their existing solution.

This content rich site required to create a unique web design approach. Web design together with web development made on the site provides various tools which allow administrators to have full control over the placement of different posts on the homepage. By providing them with control over the placement of the content in main page, the website has the ability to display information exactly how they want.

Last but not least also ensured deep integration with Google Ad Manager for the client’s online advertising needs.

In, we believe that a well designed and developed website, can help you find new business opportunities in the web. Do not hesitate to request a quote for the design or re-design and development of your website.