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Re-design - re-development - S.E.O. & Data Migration for

Re-design - re-development - S.E.O. & Data Migration for  has re-designed and re-developed  the website of Salina Travel LTD, incorporating internet marketing strategies, and S.E.O., providing web hosting as well.

The founder and Managing Director of Salina Travel LTD, mr. Salamanos Stavros, trusted for the redesign and development of website, as a result of the successful completion of the two previous projects assigned, greeceferrytickets and greecehotelholiday.

Designing the new website,, we used the red colour, as the one in Salina Travel logo (red-yellow), in order to cheer up our visitors and help them feel like on holidays, but also to give emphasis to various parts of the website.

Our first priority was user friendly navigation within the website, in order to make it easy for users to book their holidays through

We enriched the main menu by placing icons next to text (i.e. a ship next to Ferry tickets, a plane next to Air tickets e.t.c.), in order to make it clearer that the category is all about. We used this technique because it is also more effective in mobile menus, when someone is using a mobile device for his queries.

We change the look and feel of the booking form for hotels, air tickets and ferry tickets, and we improved its functionality.

We created a framed section for all the special offers of Salina Travel LTD and we placed it in a distinctive point in the website, as well as all other pages of website.

In addition, we created a section with general information and instructions for everyone who travels, regardless of the website is using for his bookings.

Finally we designed buttons in order to interrelate the two other websites of Salina Travel LTD, and

We applied all Responsive Web Design techniques in web design and development of, in order for the website to work seamlessly no matter what device is used.

For the development of the redesigned website, we used K2 component, and K2 responsive scroller.
The administrator of the website can have only basic knowledge of computers in order to manage the website, due to the use of such components.

One of the most demanding parts of the project was the data migration due to the enormous amount of data. Our knowledge and experience help us complete this part successfully.

Finally, the new website is hosted in high performance dedicated servers of Salina Travel LTD, provided by