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Re-design, re-development, S.E.O. for Training Factory

Re-design, re-development, S.E.O. for Training Factory

Training Factory is unique place for dance, training and martial arts. The facilities are modern, realized by a group of talented people, based on the vision that the owners of the Training Factory had. The trainers are people, who love what they are doing, and they believe that everyone should be able to follow his own program according to what his body dictates.

For this very special dance school and training, redesigned and redeveloped its website. The design was based on the Responsive Design techniques, in order to provide to its users a website, equally user friendly and attractive, no matter what device they use to navigate in. The desinge was also based on the S.E.O. set up requirements.

The key feature of the main page is a few minutes video in continuous playback, produced by administration of Traing Factory, in order to help anyone understand the philosophy of its people and the way the school works. We tried to present in a modern way, using small images, all the different programs of training and dance, Training Factory provides. In the menu, there are sections about the facilities, and the staff, with their curriculum vitae. There is also a photo gallery, sorted according to the different programs, i.e. dance, training, martial arts, in order to help visitors to understand more easily the way the school works, the programs it provides, and the usage of facilities.

Finally a blog section, is embaded to the website, where anyone can find usefull and interesting information about different subjects that the staff are preparing and post.

In order to achieve all of the above, we used Joomla, with all its various modules and components such as K2 component, and K2 responsive scroller.

The attractive design and the professional development of a website is something that every company is entitled to. 's portforlio is a guarantee that we can design and develop your website as well, no matter how difficult or complicated your think it is. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your needs or contact us if you have any questions.