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Website Design and Development of

Website Design and Development of

The design and development of was, for's team, a challenge, since it is a website which aims to become an essential tool for both individuals and professionals.

The idea is very simple. Each user enters his "ad" by describing exactly the services needed.  Professionals who are interested to undertake the job, submit their quotes.  In that way every user has a sufficient number of professional in order to choose the one, he thinks that will cover his needs.  Additional choosing criteria, are the comments and rating of professionals and their job, by other users, portfolio of their work, details on his expertise e.t.c.

For this idea, intros,gr, designed and developed a website with all the necessary information and a clear categorization supported by icons where necessary.  The website allows users to register either as individuals, if they have a specific project for which they need a professional or as professionals.

In case of user registration as Individual , the user can fill the form using checkboxes, and giving a brief description of the project. Individual users can also see all professionals in the category selected, their data, their portfolio, any comments on their work.  Upon completion of the project, they can comment or rate the professional selected for his outcome.

In case of user registration as Professional, the user fills in, besides his personal data (name, address, telephone), the category of his specialty and the geographical area he is able to serve. 

Now, let's see in more details the way is working. 

Every time an individual resisters and "ad", all professionals of the asked category are notified by email for the details of the ad, in order to decide whether they will send a quote or not.  In order to place a quote, every professional must deposit some "credits", which are refundable in case the professional is not selected for the specific project. Credits have their equivalent in euros 100Credits= 1 euro. The professionals can buy as many credits as they want through Paypal. Credits are used for the transactions, instead of euros, since they are more flexible to manage refunds.

An email is generated by the website every time a new ad is submitted, and it is sent to all professionals of the category,  Professionals are also notified by email if a new quote is placed for an ad, in order to help them check and modify their own quotes. designed the main page of in such way to include the latest ads, presented in a short list with basic information (type of professional needed, number of quotes, starting and ending dates).

In the main page there is also a section with the all categories of professions in order to help both individuals (to choose the right professional) and professionals (to find out to which category to register).

This website is developed applying all the principles of Responsive Design, in order to provide information to users, no matter the device they use to check website (desktop or mobile).

For the development of, we used the latest version of Joomla, based on K2 items with many custom fields.

For the administration of the website, we developed a custom component, which, we named, Jobdeals. Through this component, administrators, can have access, both supervisory and interventional in all areas of the website, ads, users, transactions e.t.c.

In, we believe that any business idea can turn to an effective website, so do not hesitate to ask for a quote for the design and development of your business idea. If your still have questions, contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.