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Design & Development of Facebook application -Europa

Design & Development of Facebook application -Europa

Europa Aluminum Systems embraced social media with its first campaign in Greece. In order to maximize the spread of this action (Fully replacement of houses doors frames), they turned to Facebook and created an engaging and interactive campaign. The design and development of the application of this Facebook contest, was undertaken by

The idea is based on the traditional "form to complete action" where users enter their information and get in to the competition draw. 

We were obviously aware that people need more than just blind-chance to enter a competition. We came up with a simple concept to get people involved and most importantly for the client the spur to hand over personal details, we asked them to invite their friend to participate as well, in order for them to raise their chance of winning.  Many of users details were automatically available to us when they were logged into Facebook, giving us the opportunity to complete even easier the database fields that we needed. We gave them, the opportunity to visit the company's website, in order to seek information for the products involved. Finally, users had their action published to their news feeds so their friends could see.


Harnessing the power of Facebook we made it easy for people to get involved. This Facebook application helped us spread the message virally.