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Design & Development of Facebook Application Nokia - Φοιτηtips

Design & Development of Facebook Application Nokia - Φοιτηtips

In 2011, Nokia implemented a promotional campaign by the name "Φοιτη-tips" (student-tips), through the Facebook fan page. The idea was proposed by Wunderman Athens advertising company, and the design and development was assigned to

The idea was to promote Nokia cell phones to university students. 

The contest was conducted in collaboration with Germanos Company, and it was splited in two parts. 

In the first part of the Facebook contest under the name "Φοιτη-tips", that we created, users were asked to post a usefull information regarding the university in the Nokia Fan Page. For example: "What school orginises the best parties?" or "How to cope with the administration's office?". 

Every user was provided with a numerical code, for every tip they posted. They had to cross check through the website, if the code is winning one.   

The next part of the contest, was about the invitation of the users to vote for the best tip. So, every user had to invite his friend to vote for the best tip.  The user who posted the best tip was the great winner.

Facebook contest or campaigns splited in parts, especially if any individual part gives the chance of winning, increase the traffic in company's Fan page as well as the share-ability. The complexity of such facebook applications should not be obstacle for the companies.  The target group of potential customers is increasing and potential sales as well.   

In, we have the knowledge, the experience and the techology to cope with challenges that we face and we can provide our custores the most attractive and the most effective solutions!