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Design & Development of Facebook Application - Barbarossa

Design & Development of Facebook Application - Barbarossa

One of our oldest established clients, Barbarossa Bar in Paros, cooperated with Barak Bar of Athens to host Barbarossa nights in their venue and wanted to raise awareness of this via their Fan Page on Facebook. In order to achieve it, they turn to for the design and development of a facebook application. The idea was to create a simple, inspired, user-oriented FB application, matching the needs of the client, the goal of the project and the specified target group.

We designed and developed a simple, Fill-a-form Contest Application, hosted within Barbarossa's fan page. The application asked for the personal details of the user in order to participate in the competition. Participation was limited to one per user. Upon completion of the form, the application asked the user to share with his friends the message of participation.  


The goal was not simply to spead the news of the new event and venue but to increase awareness and traffic to both Barbarossa's fan page and website. This Facebook application helped our client spread their message virally. 

Users had their activities published to their news feeds so their friends could see that Barbarossa comes to Athens together with Barak Bar every Wednesday.


Promotional campaigns through Facebook applications are targeting to increased spreadability of any message, and to increase traffic to fan page and website of the company 

In, we strongly believe that neither the design and development, nor the cost of facebook applications should be an obstacle to any company's growth. Do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss ways of cooperation.

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