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Development of Facebook App Freddoccino-Βρες την κοκκινομάλλα

Development of Facebook App Freddoccino-Βρες την κοκκινομάλλα

In 2013,an advertising company, partner of, designed a full promotional campaign for Freddoccino. Part of this campaign was a competition hosted in facebook fan page. The development of the competition's application was assigned to

The consept of the campaign based on Freddoccino girl (the well-known red-hair girl, who wears a polka dot swimsuit and red high-heels), who run away from the Freddoccino glass and she wanders in the city.  An actress, dressed like the red-hair girl, was walking around in different places of the city every day.  The goal of the competition was for someone to fild the girl, take a photo with her and post it in facebook. In case that someone wanted to participate in the competition but he could not find the red-hair girl, there was an option of creating a photo with the use of user profile photo and the most suitable photo of the red-hair girl. Then the users had to upload the photo and invite their friends to the competition. 

Intros.grdeveloped a flash minisite for this competition. 

It is obvious that such facebook applications, increase the publicity and spreadability of the facebook fan page and website. More over, the increase the target group of customers and potential sales. 

This specific facebook application was part of full digital promotional campaign.

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