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Development of Facebook Application ActionAid-Γυναίκες του κόσμου

Development of Facebook Application ActionAid-Γυναίκες του κόσμου

In 2013, an advertising company, one of our major partners, desing a campaign for ActionAid against woman abuse.  The development and implementation of this campain were assigned to

In many countries around the globe, there are cultures where indipendant women with free spirit, women struggling for their believes, are considered witches and they are mistreated, abused or even executed!

ActionAid aims to awaken the world about this phenomenon. In order to spread the message quickly,  we created a facebook application.  In this application every user had to create a witch, in order to spread his own message against woman abuse. The witch figure was selected through application options where as the message could be either chosen from a variety of messages or written by each user. 

In order to strengthen their message, users had to post their witch in Facebook, inviting friend to participate in the campaign against woman abuse.

Support campaigns like this one, increase the publicity and share-ability in Organization's fan pages, and consequently they help strengthen their messages. 

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