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Design & Development of Facebook Application Oral-B

Design & Development of Facebook Application Oral-B

In 2012, advertising company Wunderman Athens launched a competition through the facebook page of Επιθυμίες(Epithimies), for dental για την Oral B (oral hygiene products). The design and development of the competition were assinged to

The competition was using a pun, between the homophonic words plaque (dental) and "plaka" (in greek: spame plaka = faving fun with). Users had to upload a a funny say or a funny photo or video, and then they asked their friends to participate with their own uploads and with their votes.  The user with the most "Like" would be the winner of the contest.

Facebook competitions, increase publicity and share-ability of facebook fun pages and websites and inevitably the target group of customers and potential sales is enlarged. 

In, we believe that neither the design and development, nor the cost of such facebook applications should be an obstacle in any company's growth.

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