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Constantinos Spanos Co-Founder

Constantinos Spanos Co-Founder

I was about to begin my journey on the business world. I had some ideas on deferent industries and I chose to go with the one that was about an online community about traveling to Greece which would provide its users a smart, searchable portal, with easy-to-follow browsing, and quality, clear and efficient information.

I approached after conducting a research on the market and concluded that their business is the most fitting to help me fulfilling my vision. Going through their portfolio also was a crucial factor to come to my decision. not only helped me by turning my ideas into reality but their team also guided me into making the most out of what they had to offer me. Also, by keeping in touch never failed to meet my expectations in terms of any new ideas for expanding my business.

The result was a great finished product and an even greater collaboration that continues to flourish until today. My website is always up to date on anything new that comes on this rapidly evolving business and keeps bringing back great results in terms of performance. I consider my collaboration with a great asset for my business.

One thing I liked was their way of treating me (and my ideas) as one of their own and making me feel a part of their big “family” of clients.

I found the experience rewarding and satisfying.

I would recommend to people who need their ideas handled by someone who will share their vision and are equally passionate about it so as to bring together the cutting edge technology and the experience needed to make it a reality.

Constantinos D. Spanos
Co-Founder CEO