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Nikos Ioannou, Marketing Manager EKKA Mercedes

Nikos Ioannou, Marketing Manager EKKA Mercedes

I was initially impressed with intros professional culture & demeanor when we worked together in 2012. They provided guidance on all our web matters relating to a very extensive site reconstruction.

Intros is a reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat organization.

People multitask effectively and are able to handle a high-volume workload. They consistently met or surpassed all weekly deadlines. Spiros, George and the team displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. They are dedicated to their science and brought an abundance of creativity and new ideas.

The desire to provide good value to us was also apparent in their time management and record keeping on the project. They were very professional and we always felt that we were getting good value for their consulting fees.

In summary we would strongly recommend intros to handle your project. Should you wish to discuss this recommendation in more detail please contact me at any time.

Nikos Ioannou, 

Marketing Manager