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Web Development - a good web design is not enough!

Web Development - a good web design is not enough!

In a previous post, we have already analyzed web design as a key factor to the success of your investment in web presence.

When we want to built a house, we look for the constructor, who can realize the architectural design.

The same principle stand for the development of your website.

Having a good web design is not enough.

You need all the knowledge and experience you can get, from a developer, in order to turn the design to a functional reality.

In, we are proud of our accomplishments. We managed to bring along these two major parts of web presence. The design and development.

The developer should not only realize the design of your website, but also has to create a website with minimum response time, no error messages and all other technical aspects that will give a functional website.

Based on the design, he has to create menus friendly to users on one hand and on the other hand friendly to search engines, so that users can easily track what they are looking for.

It is widely known that users usually look for the goods or services needed instead of companies. That is why the website should be developed based on Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) techniques.
(We will give you extended information about S.E.O. in a later post)
Your website should be listed in the first places of results regarding your area of expertise, in order to gain more potential customers.

Open source content management system (CMS) that is using (Joomla), is quite simple and user friendly, in order for you to manage the content of your website.

In, after sales service, is essential, that is why we provide a fortnight period of online presence for minor improvements or changes.

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