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Google Analytics - An application for monitoring visits on websites

Google Analytics - An application for monitoring visits on websites

In our previous post regarding Search Engine Optimization, we mentioned two helpful tools for the optimization of a website, provided by Google free of charge!

One of these tools, provided by Google, is Google Analytics, the subject of our today’s post.

Google analytics is an application provided by Google, with many advantages over other tools available. There are two advantages that makes the application a “must”. The first is that Google Analytics is an application provided free of charge, whereas other tools (applications) have to be bought or paid for its use. The second advantage of Google Analytics, over its’ competitors, is, that data is collected and monitored by Google and the reports produced can not be altered in any way. Every businessman wants to know that the reports he sees, contain correct and accurate data.

These are the main reasons that make the connection of a website to Google Analytics Application, absolutely necessary.

How can I connect my website to Google Analytics application?

The way, to do it, is very simple. The developer or the owner of the website creates a Google Analytics Account by registering to the application, and providing any information needed regarding the website in question. When all data is filled and submitted, Google Analytics create a unique source code that has to be incorporated in every page our website, in order to be monitored. It is obvious, that for every new website, a new google analytics account has to be created, since the application creates a unique source code for every account (website).

As soon as, Google Analytics Account is created and the source code is incorporated in the website, Google starts monitoring and collecting any data regarding the number of visits in the said website. From that point and on the administrator of the Google Analytics Account can give different levels of access to the account to any of his colleagues or subordinates.

Google Analytics, can produce reports with all the data collected, regarding the visits in the website. We can have cumulative data as overview, or analytical ones. We can also have real time online data. The data refers to, how many visits we have, how many users visited the website, the time spent in every page of the website as well as the bounce rate. (Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a the website who navigate away from the website after viewing only one page, usually the home page). A high bounce rate is a sure sign that the homepage is boring of off-putting.

That is why in, we believe that website design and development are of the essence, as we have already discussed in previous posts.

Tip: It is highly important to mention, that for all data provided by Google Analytics application, whether they are cumulative or analytical, we can have historical and comparative data for any period of time that we choose.

As a conclusion, we will, once again, mention, that the interconnetion of the website with Google Analytics is of the essence, in order to be sure that what we offer is what our audience asks for. In order to achieve it we need to ask for professional guidance. Whether you already have a website and you ask for the search engine optimization of it or if you are thinking to start up your own web business, feel free to ask for a quote, or to contact us for any questions you might have.