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Google Analytics - Reports Overview

Google Analytics - Reports Overview

In previous post we talked about Google Analytics and how essential is the interconnection of the website the said application.

The data provided by Google Analytics is enormous, and in order to keep track, the application gives this data divided in five major categories.

  • Real Time
  • Audience  
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

Real Time Online

Data In real time online, we can have reports on how many users are checking the website, which pages they are looking, geographical data as well as the key words used to end up in the website, or the links they used.

Audience or Number of users

As the title implies, in this category we can have data cumulative or analytical on demographic data of users (age, sex), interests, geographical data (language and location), whether they are new user in website or returning and many more.

Acquisition or Where did they came from

In category «Acquisition», we see data regarding the browser the users use to come to the website, the type of device they use (desktop, tablet, mobile). Data such as direct access or organic search is also given in this category. We can see what links they used to land in the website, if the used facebook or any other Google Ad campaign.


In «Behaviour» category, we find data such as which pages of the website users visited, how much time they sent in each one, from which pages the abandoned the website and other usefull information, that can help us change the content of the pages in order to be more user friendly and to what the users asking for.


In this category, the application gives us the opportunity to set up goals for the visit of the website and find out whether these goals are met or not.

As a conclusion, we will, once again, mention, that the data provided by  Google Analytics is of the essence, in order to be sure that what we offer is what our audience asks for. In order to achieve it we need to ask for professional guidance. Whether you already have a website and you ask for the search engine optimization of it or if you are thinking to start up your own web business, feel free to ask for a quote, or to contact us for any questions you might have.