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Autoplay videos in Facebook

Autoplay videos in Facebook

In the past few months, the number of autoplay videos posted in Facebook has increased significantly. So, the next great challenge for Facebook is winning the bet of video-advertising.

The autoplay videos started as a feature given to videos posted by individuals. Nowadays, it is extended to advertising as well. To upload a video on YouTube and then share it through Facebook is outdated, because users have to follow the link of the video. Today, Facebook gives us the alternative of autoplay videos, as long as they are uploaded to Facebook directly.

Through this feature, Facebook is looking forward increasing its advertising market share. It also pushes advertising companies to be more creative in production of their advertising videos, since the have to catch attention of users for the first seconds of video play.

Advertisement through Facebook, with the use of autoplay videos, targets to increased number of users and aims to increase the market share for advertisers.

The statistics, of international organizations, already reflect these market trends. It is obvious, even from the end of 2014, that Facebook tends to be a key player in autoplay advertising videos, but advertisers still considering YouTube the main channel of promotional videos.

In the future we will be able to see if this will be the case or if competition will come up with new ideas to change the game once again.