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E-Shop - Design

E-Shop - Design

In previous post, we mentioned some of the major factor for the success of e-business, such a attractive design, user friendly navigation and often updates.

Today, we will discuss about the part of the e-shop, which is accessible from customers. What they see when they visit your e-shop for their purchases.

A major aspect of design is to enhance the corporate identity of the company. It means that there must be the logos, colours and font style that the company uses for its correspondence and communications with its partners and clientele. Also, a key element of good design is the optimal display of content. Needless to say that all these design elements should be included in both the main and other pages of your website, in a way that they are noticeable at glance.

The main key element of a well designed e-shop, is the user friendly menus. Menus should be formed according to categorizations of goods and services. In order to make the menus as user friendly as possible, the categorization should be as detailed as possible. It is important to incorporate filters in all categories in order to narrow down the results of the category, in order to help your customer. Filters, such as price range, manufacturer, or other characteristics (size, colour e.t.c.).

It is also essential to give users search options in order to find out what they are looking for without navigation, but through search results according to their request. In the main page of your e-shop, the registration option should be available. By giving your customers a username and a password you make their current and future purchases easier to process. It is also quite helpful to incorporate a chart to your e-shop in order to give your customer the chance to review his purchases before completion.

Your can provide even more options to your customers. Options, such as the purchase of a “gift check” for a friend. The user pays the amount he wants to sent as a gift and an email, originated by your e-shop email address, will be sent to the recipient the a “Gift Coupon” and all detail of the gift, such as the name of the donator e.t.c.

The customers, who singing in to an e-shop, want to have as many information as possible for the goods and services, they are about to purchase. Besides the key information, such as name, category, code no, it is essential to provide a short and full descriptions, details, features, available stock, as well as options available as size, colour or other. And since the cannot actually touch your products it is obvious that photos should be included.

The overview of his choices, together with the quantities and amount owed, are also very important for the customers. In the overview, the shipping fees must be included. Shipping fees can be calculated for every order, using formulas built in on the website or it can be a fixed amount. There must also be the option of either continuation of shopping or completion of the order. Upon completion the option of different shipping address than billing one must also be available, as well as the various methods of payment, Credit Card, Pay pal, bank deposit e.t.c.

These are the basic features that an e-shop needs as far as the part that the customers visit, is concerned.

In a next post we will analyze the administrative part of the e-shop i.e. how the company’s staff can handle orders, users and products that have to be added or removed.


The e-shops that we have designed and developed, have given us the necessary experience, which in combination with the continuous update on every technological innovation, can guarantee the best result possible. Do not hesitate to ask for your quote on implementation of your e-shop. If there are any more questions please contact us. We are at your disposal!