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Web Hosing in V.P.S (Virtual Private Server)

Web Hosing in V.P.S (Virtual Private Server)

A second option, that you have for the hosting of your website is the V.P.S. (Virtual Private Server) Hosting.

It is a web hosting service with many advantages.

Although the resources are shared, virtualization provides a higher level of security, as the individual virtual servers are mostly isolated from each other and may run their own operating system which can be independently rebooted if and when is needed. This practically means that each piece (virtual server) is able to make use of its own resources and be configured with its own parameters using a dedicated software (WHM / Cpanel). Due to the independence of each server, it is able to make use of any software necessary for the operation of the website hosting, without affecting or being affected by other virtual servers.

By choosing a VPS, you know the processing power, memory and storage space that corresponds to your own virtual machine. During virtualization, we as a web hosting services company, we adjust and allocate the technical characteristics of the machine to its virtual components.

In V.P.S. hosting, like hosting in dedicated servers, security and data protection of your website depends solely on you. You can use any security protection software you decide.

As it is understood, the VPS hosting offers all the advantages of a dedicated server at a significantly lower cost, due to the fact that machine maintenance and management expenses are allocated to the users of virtual machines (virtual servers) configured on the machine.

You should not forget that like in dedicated servers hosting, you should clearly know the needs of your website. The market research that you will do, must lead you to the VPS hosting package that will cover your needs completely, in order to