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Low Performance Shared Hosting

Low Performance Shared Hosting

The cheapest web hosting package on the market today is Low Performance Shared Hosting Package.

In simple words is a hosting package on a machine where many other websites are hosted.

Unfortunately, in this package there is not the possibility of management of hosting parameters of your website. Also there is not the possibility of upgrading the system (and an upgrade would be desirable to all owners of websites hosted on the machine). The capabilities of the system, such as processing power, memory, storage, are shared with all the webpages hosted, and this may effect the response times of your website.

Finally, price is directly related to the needs of system maintenance and installation. In order to keep purchase and maintenance costs low, in most cases Low Performance Shared Hosting is using low standards hardware. (Some providers use outdated hardware for Low Performance Shared Hosting)

In, although we offer Low Performance Shared Hosting package, we do not recommend this package.

We believe that you can choose it only in cases where the site is a small static website for a short period of time, and only at the very beginning of the website’s life. As your website will be known and gets more traffic, as it will enrich its content, this option will not cover its needs.

However do not forget that you always have the ability to upgrade your hosting package in either High Performance Shared Hosting or even VPS or dedicated server hosting.

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