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High Performance Shared Hosting

High Performance Shared Hosting

An economic web hosting service is the High Performance Shared Hosting.

A small dynamic website, does not need the expensive packages of dedicated server hosting or VPS hosting services.  But it needs security, reliability, accessibility and continuous technical support.

High Performance Shared Hosting is the best solution for the basic needs of your website.

One of its  advantages, is that management of hosting parameters and accessibility of your website is performed by the hosting services provider.  The safety and security are provider's responsibility, eventhough there are limitations due to hardware and software used.

The main disadvantage of this option is the sharing of system capabilities (processing power, memory, storage) from all websites hosted on this machine. This means that websites with increased need for processing power or memory can cause problems in the response of the server, and thus problems for users of your website.

Another major disadvantage is the inability of the system upgrade individually. This is due to the fact that not all all websites hosted on the server  wish to upgrade,. As a result, your need for upgrade may not be possible to be fullfilled.

The High Performance Shared Hosting is probably the most popular hosting package. It covers the needs of most sites, offering excellent value for service / price.

There is always the possibility to upgrade your hosting package, if for any reason you decide that  this does not meet your needs and expectations.

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