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Website Design and Development of "Asfalistiko NAI"

Website Design and Development of "Asfalistiko NAI"

Following the success of the “Next Deal” portal and the websites of both the weekly broadcast for insurance "Ora Asfalisis" and the online newspaper for parents “Kindergarten for parents ", it's time to bring the bimonthly journal of insurer "Asfalistiko NAI", to the internet era.

Mr Kostis Spyrou, editor and owner of the above said websites and portal, (Mr Spyrou’s comments about you can read on testimonials section) trusted for the completion of this new project.

“Asfalistiko NAI” is a well established periodical publication, in the insurance market, and it in continuous circulation since 1989. For the online presence of the magazine, wanted to stay in the spirit and philosophy of the magazine, as listed in "magazine Identity".

In the design of the website we used the colours and logos of the magazine. In the main page, we manage to have a copy of the current edition, with namely the articles included. There is also the option of subscription in the magazine. In order to enable users, to access the website from any device they like, the team of developers of, developed the website based on the Responsive Design techniques.

In the menus there is the option to see the “Letter of the editor” which is renewed every time a new magazine is published, as well as a part named “Magazine Identity” where you can find the philosophy of the editor as well as a presentation of staff involved.

There is also a section of other issues with the topics of each one, where anyone can find what he is looking for.

Needless to say, that we incorporated links to portal as well as to “Ora Asfalisis” and the online newspaper “Kindergarten for parents”. The links appear in every page of the website. The incorporation was decided not only for the convenience of users to find out what they are looking for, but also for search engine optimization purposes. This technique created online backlinks, which help search engines to give better ranking to all the websites involved not only “Asfalistiko NAI”.

In order to develop the website we used the latest version of Joomla CMS, with its components such as K2 component and some custom modules, tailor made for “Asfalistiko NAI”. has the knowledge and experience to provide you the web presence you are dreaming of. Do not hesitate to request your quote for the design and development of you website, or contant us if you have any questions.