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Website Design and Development for ""

Website Design and Development for "" initiated its presence in the greek market in 1974, offering various sweet products into the Greek market.

In 2017,, designed and developed a coorporate website using latest Joomla CMS

It is obvious that, we applied all necessary techniques of Responsive Design, in order to give access to the website through mobile devices.

We also stayed focused on Search Engine Optimization. Users can reach website easily and rapidly.  

Last but not least, we proceed with digital promotion and advertisement for the company.

We define and create the right channels (Facebook Fanpage, Youtube Channel, Instagram) for distribution and immediate response with our clients, which is also an important way to drive a targeted traffic to your webpage.

This method is used to increase popularity and also trust.

Using the above channels we target to quality group of people and drive those who are determined to buy, straight into the specific page of website.

Note: We record website using Google Analytics. can turn any business idea to a well designed and fully functional website.  Do not hesitate to request a quote for the design or redesign and developement of your web presence, or to contact us for any questions.