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Presence on social networks

Presence on social networks

Today, about 70% of the population of the earth use social networks for social interactions. That means that there is a likely client in some of the social networks you are member of. That client need your attention and guidance. Either you work to establish popularity of your company or you need to remind your company to your clients, we can help you to protect your web assets.


Your Facebook page is not just… a page.
You have to think it as your next sales point, for which, it should:

  • Develop a correct strategy depending on the content.
  • Contain the company web services.
  • Reply to every request or question.
  • Drive users to other digital assets of the company(webpage).
  • Offer information, tools and guidance.
  • Embody the overall strategy and design of the communication policy of the company

Facebook pages should have high interaction, in order to bind users in conversations and encourage them to share content with other users. They should also be technically perfect to support high dispersion campaigns, from time to time, with content suitable for sharing. Also Facebook pages should be used to encourage users visit the company website or take part in test-drive competitions

In that way company Facebook pages will attract users and create a relationship based on loyalty.

Twitter Micro Blogging

One of the basic advantages of twitter, is that it gives the opportunity for “small” talk with customers, based on their own terms, creating a more friendly contact as time goes by. This is quite difficult to achieve using traditional means of communication.

  • Allows and enhances relationships between clients, shareholders, partners and general people that are important for the company.
  • Gives the opportunity to have direct communication with business partners and thus contribute to the acknowledgment of the company as a brand.
  • Helps the company embody in the current channels of communication, contributing in the communication strategy. 


Youtube is not only for funny or music videos. It can be used as a high performance business tool. It can be used to inform customers about the company specialisation, to promote education, to sell products and services, to communicate with customers, shareholders, partners, colleagues and others.

Some useful instructions for correct Youtube usage:

  • Create your own channel, that will reflect your company image.
  • Add to your channel tv ads.
  • Add the company channel page to all the informational printed material and also to all your digital assets (webpage, Facebook page, etc).
  • Upload videos with customer comments and increase your credibility.
  • Promote company events using videos from previous events.
  • Add a video in witch you will introduce your personnel, to increase company authenticity.
  • Add a video with presentation of your offices and also a map of the city to make it easier to approach you.
  • Share links of the videos in social networks.
  • Add buttons on the videos, to guide users to your webpage.
  • Add videos to all your social activities.