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7 Reasons for redesign and redevelopment of your website.

7 Reasons for redesign and redevelopment of your website.

Please, read carefully the following questions:

  1. Do you have a website, in which you invested money and it is not efficient? 
  2. Do the visitors find easily and quickly what they are looking for? 
  3. Do you have a website that no longer meets the needs of your business? 
  4. Did the company, that undertaken the development of your website, although they promised a lot, left the site incomplete? 
  5. Have your competitors mastered the web business even though you can out beat them with your brand name and reputation? 
  6. Have you requested to add new features or functionality in your website and the developers say to you that it can not be achieved? 
  7. Is the website unattractive when displayed on mobile devices?

If one or more of the above questions, your answer is “yes”, then probably it is time to seriously consider to redesign and redevelopment of your website.

Over the years the design trends, in web design, changes, so they create a need for redesigning of your website in order to maintain its fresh and innovative look.

Redesigning your website, means to create a brand new website, most probably using a new design, and definitely new approach in presentation of the benefits and information you want to promote. Key aspect for the redesign of your website, nowadays, is to implement all the principles of responsive design in order to be mobile-friendly, as this is the new ranking criterion by Google (see also our blog post “Change in ranking criteria”).

If you set up a new internet marketing strategy, maybe a redesign of your website will be needed in order to support the new strategy. In we can redesign your site in such a way as to eliminate any problems you experience with your current web presence. Contact our concerns and ideas to redesign the best possible result and your own website.